Mason Dixon Camp Meeting Messages 2013

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1.     Bro. Jack Tripp - "Dust"

2.     Bro. Randy Sutherland - "The Choice Is Yours"

3.     Bro. Brian McBride - "Mystery Of Fellowship"

4.     Bro. Jack Tripp - "Jesus' Burial"

5.     Bro. Randy Sutherland - "The Journey"

6.     Bro. Brian McBride - "Military Fellowship"

7.     Bro. Jack Tripp - "Contrary Winds" 

8.     Bro. Brian McBride - "Job's Answer"

9.     Bro. Randy Sutherland - "Getting More Than Expected"

10.   Bro. Jack Tripp - "The Woman That Touched Jesus"

11.   Bro. Jack Tripp - "The Move Of God On A Man"

12.   Bro. Brian McBride - "Missionary Fellowship"

13.   Bro. Randy Sutherland - "I Will"

14.   Bro. Brian McBride - "Gospel In The Bird's Nest"

15.   Bro. Jack Tripp - "The Roundabout Way"

16.   Bro. Brian McBride - "Manacled Fellowship"

17.   Bro. Jack Tripp - "No More Sea"

18.   Bro. Randy Sutherland - "Jesus Is Coming"

19.   Bro. Randy Sutherland - "God's Water Boy"

20.   Bro. Brian McBride - "Maintained Fellowship"

21.   Bro. Randy Sutherland - "The Best Of Both Worlds"

Video - Evangelist Brian McBride and Family Singing  

Video - Bro. Randy Sutherland & Bro. Brian McBride and Family Singing  

Audio (MP3) - Bro. Randy Sutherland & Bro. Brian McBride and Family Singing