Mason Dixon Camp Meeting Messages 2012

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1.     Bro. Jack Tripp - Some Things Jesus Took

2.     Bro. Randy Sutherland - The Touch Of Jesus On Children

3.     Bro. Brian McBride - Sit Down And Be Quiet

4.     Bro. Jack Tripp - The Change Was In The Pot

5.     Bro. Randy Sutherland - Where Could I Go But To The Lord

6.     Bro. Brian McBride - Favorable Things

7.     Bro. Randy Sutherland - How To Behave When Perplexed

8.     Bro. Brian McBride - Did You Wipe Your Mouth?

9.     Bro. Randy Sutherland - Pit Of Pride

10.   Bro. Jack Tripp - The Man The King Honors

11.   Bro. Brian McBride - Sin Never Says Enough

12.   Bro. Jack Tripp - Pray When You Are In Trouble

13.   Bro. Randy Sutherland - Watching Out For The Wounded

14.   Bro. Brian McBride - Will You Be Sensible? #1  Ants

15.   Bro. Jack Tripp - When Bad News Turned Into Good News

16.   Bro. Brian McBride - Will You Be Sensible? #2  Conies

17.   Bro. Jack Tripp - Enoch

18.   Bro. Randy Sutherland - The Greatness Of God

19.   Bro. Jack Tripp - What To Do Until You See Him

20.   Bro. Brian McBride - Will You Be Sensible? #3  Locust & Spiders

21.   Bro. Randy Sutherland - Jesus Is All I Need