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Sunday am - Bro. Jack Tripp - "When You Do Not Know"     

Sunday am - Bro. Brian McBride - "Abraham's Fear"  

Sunday pm - Bro. McBride - "Abraham's Failure"  

Sunday pm - Bro. Tripp - "The Serpent In The Wilderness"  

Monday pm - Bro. Tripp - "On Tour In This World"   

Monday pm - Bro. McBride - "The Unprofitable Servant"   

Tuesday am - Bro. Ron Cockerham - "A Little Dab"   

Tuesday am - Bro. McBride - "Abraham's Friend"   

Tuesday pm - Bro. Tripp "What It Takes To Go On"   

Tuesday pm - Bro. Cockerham - "Haven Of Rest"   

Wednesday am - Bro. Cockerham - A Cup Of Cold Water"   

Wednesday am - Bro. Tripp - "Keep The Fire Burning"   

Wednesday pm - Bro. Cockerham - "Man At His Best"   

Wednesday pm - Bro. McBride - "Abraham's Flesh"   

Thursday am - Bro. Tripp - "The Burning Bush"   

Thursday am - Bro. Cockerham - "Few Teeth & Failing Vision"   

Thursday pm - Bro. McBride - "Abraham's Feasts"   

 Thursday pm - Bro. Tripp - "What Is A Christian"   

Friday am - Bro. Tripp - "Pleasure Of The Lord"    Sorry, No Video

Friday am - Bro. McBride - "Abraham's Fire"   

Friday pm - Bro. Cockerham - "Little Children"   

Marvin West & Family - 8/12/07

Video of Singing   

Music & Message: "Hell"  

Music & Message: "Sending Your Children To Hell"